Frequently Asked Questions About The STP Model

1. Can I obtain a copy of the STP video shown on the website?

ANS: Click here to download a free copy of the video.


2. Can I obtain a .pdf of the STP video so that I might study the slides more closely, or use them in my own presentation? 

ANS: Click here for a free .pdf copy of the slides used in the making of the video.


3. How do I incorporate the STP model into a .ppt slide presentation for my own lectures?

ANS: A screenshot can be made of any image in the .pdf, which can then be imported into your own .ppt presentation. 


4. What is the citation that should be used if I incorporate any of the STP or mapedfund images into my own presentation or use in my own publications.

ANS: "This image is based on the Sexual Tipping Point Model® and is used with the permission of the MAP Educational Fund.”