November 29, 2016

Given your past interest we hope you will be pleased to learn of the MAP Educational Fund’s meaningful strides (educating the public and professionals alike) in reducing the suffering of millions of men and women with sexual concerns, disorders and dysfunctions.

Analytics: International response to the foundation has been very encouraging since the January launch of our website,

  • More than 4000 plus visitors from 34 different countries and 6 Continents.
  • Over 5000 reads/views of Fund publications, video presentations, and graphic images resulting in over 2,500 citations of Fund articles by physicians, scientists, and students who use the Sexual Tipping Point ® Model in their own teaching, research and clinical publications.


  • While remaining grateful for the service of our Secretary and Treasurer, the Fund officially added two new board members Elizabeth Galt (Board Member, Greenwich Hospital and Medical Ethicist) and Scott Higgins (Founder, Veterans Advantage) fulfilling the 5 member good governance recommendations of The New York Community Trust.
  • The Fund initiated the 10 year required re-registration of its Sexual Tipping Point trademark with the U. S. Patent Office, and currently owns 8 U.S. Copyrights.

Chairman’s Voluntary Activities On the Fund’s Behalf:

  • Delivered over a dozen invited lectures/symposiums on 3 continents. Wrote more than a dozen publications and co-edited The Management of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women, An Interdisciplinary Approach. That book exemplifies the Fund’s mission of emphasizing both the Mental And Physical when diagnosing and treating sexual disorders.
  • Appointed a Cornell Medicine, Emeritus Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Former Clinical Professor of Reproductive Medicine & Urology. Nonetheless I continue to Chair a monthly interdisciplinary sexual medicine case conference, which serves Cornell Medicine faculty in urology, gynecology, oncology, psychiatry as well as former Cornell trained sex therapy graduates. A sex therapy database was developed for Cornell’s translational medicine center.
  • Pro bono evaluation and referral for many men and women contacting the Fund seeking assistance in finding relief from their pain and suffering. A few illustrative examples:
    • A 17-year- old boy, who had lost all sexual capacity secondary to his parents having him psychiatrically evaluated and treated continuously with antidepressants since age 7!
    • A 71-year- old man, whose prostate cancer devastated his sexual capability?
    • A 35-year- old woman whose sexuality was shattered by ovarian cancer.
    • A couple whose life was severely disrupted by the husband’s Internet affair.

While our website and the above efforts will continue evolving, we will also participate in a new initiative to assist veterans whose sexual/reproductive capacity was damaged while serving our nation.

We hope for your continued interest in our work and want to thank you for your support.
Best wishes for the holiday season,

Michael A. Perelman, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman